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Welcome to eSignLive. In the guided path below, you will find everything you need to understand the basics of eSignLive and how you can get started, quickly and easily.



eSignLive is the leading electronic signature solution for business. It is second to none in reliability, scalability, and security. This quick video will give you a high level overview of what eSignLive is all about.

Many more common questions about e-Signatures and eSignLive can be found in the FAQ on


How it works

At a high level, the process is quite simple. The document to be signed originates in your application. It is then passed to eSignLive in a document package, where signers, signature locations, and other properties are defined. Once completed, the package is sent to all signers. After signing is completed, whether in-person, on a PC, or on a mobile device, the completed documents can be downloaded and handled within your application, again.

This diagram gives an overview of the signing sequence, in eSignLive.

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If you haven’t already, take a quick minute to join the eSignLive Developer Community. It’s quick and it’s free. It will also give you access to post questions in the forums.

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Get a sandbox account

The best way to try out eSignLive is to sign up for a free sandbox account. You will need one of these to follow along with the quick start guides in the next step. Note: To access your sandbox API Key, log into your account, choose the drop down in the top right corner (next to your name), select Admin, and go to the Integration section.

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Beyond reliability, scalability, and security, eSignLive is also very flexible in the ways you can use it. Below are different ways in which you can use eSignLive and our step-by-step guides to get up and running in minutes. If you're wanting to utilize one of our SDKs, you can find those, on the SDK resource page.

What's Next

Now that you have a basic understanding of eSignLive and have gotten your feet wet with a simple, working example of creating and completing a document package, the following resources will all help you with furthering your knowledge of what all eSignLive can do for you and your application.

GitHub Examples

There are several examples of using different features of eSignLive with the SDKs.


The developer blog will keep you up to date on the latest release notes, events, features, and integration topics.


If you have further questions, search a the eSignLive Developer Community forums. If you still cannot find the answer, start a new topic. Learn more


On the eSignLive documentation site, you will find user guides, SDK/API documentation, release notes, examples, and more.

Events & Webinars

Whether it’s online webinars, lunch and learns, or developer conferences, this is the place to find where eSignLive will be. Learn more