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eSignLive Event Notifier


Submitted Feb 20 2017 | updated Feb 23 2017

Sample JavaScript code shows you how to enable cross-origin communication.






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Upload a document through multipart/form-data using Postman


Submitted Feb 2 2017 | updated Feb 13 2017

 Tutorial on how to upload a document through multipart/form-data using Postman.







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Setting Up eSignLive’s Event Notifier

This blog will walk you through the Event Notifier that was introduced in the 10.13.14 and 11.0.5 releases of eSignLive. When embedding eSignLive’s signing ceremony into an iframe, the Event Notifier can send notifications to the parent host application. This … Continued

Week In Review: Developer Community – February 6, 2017

Feb 15, 2017 by Haris Haidary
Let’s take a quick look at what happened for the past week in the Developer Community. Capture Signature Behavior Currently in eSignLive, if you have multiple capture signatures per document in a transaction, a signer only has to draw his … Continued

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eSignLive for Nintex SharePoint Community Connector

Feb 13, 2017 by Michael Williams
You may have seen the recent press release, but if you haven’t, I’m happy to announce the availability of new connector to add to the growing list of pre-built eSignLive connectors: The eSignLive for Nintex SharePoint Community Connector. One of the … Continued

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How to Access Document Fields - Fields count is 0.
I'm trying to pull down completed packages and read the fields. None of my documents have the fields array populated. The fields were created from an existing fillablePDF using the API to create the template.
 CompletionReport sdkCompletionReport = eslClient.ReportService.DownloadCompletionReport(DocumentPackageStatus.COMPLETED, DateTime.MinValue, DateTime.MaxValue);

 foreach (SenderCompletionReport senderCompletionReport in sdkCompletionReport.Senders)
                    foreach (PackageCompletionReport packageCompletionReport in senderCompletionReport.Packages)
                        DocumentPackage pkg = eslClient.GetPackage(new PackageId(packageCompletionReport.Id));

                        Document d = pkg.Documents[1]; // no fields in d.Fields
How to defing signingorder using rest api
Hi Team, Can you please share the JSON payload for defining Signing Order for signature blocks. Also if have multiple signers , for example I have 5 signature blocks and two signers( SIGNER1, SIGER2) "sign1," "sign3" supposed to be signed by SIGNER1 and "sign4,sign2,sign5" by "SIGNER 2". How to define the signing Order for this scenario in JSON request payload Thanks in advance. Regards, Srikanth Srigiri
Enhance Signing Ceremony UX
It would be extremely helpful to enhance the signing ceremony UX. Since it's the core component of an end-user, we would love to see enhancements to the UI/UX to make it a better/more intuitive experience. Below are a couple of items: 1. Add an easy clickable navigation feature for required fields that are not signature elements, like the software uses for the signature elements - we have users that completely miss required fields because there's no initial visual to the user that there are other fields that need to be completed except signature elements. 2. Add a left navigation field list to be completed/status in Web like there is in Mobile Thanks!
Required fields that are not signature elements
We have the need for users to fill out certain text during the signing ceremony - such as Name, Title, Company, etc. In our case, these wouldn't be auto-populated fields. What's the best way to ensure users are navigating to these fields for completion. We can get it so that there is a red mark on the left side of the page when you scroll to the correct page - but when there are 50-100 pages it's unrealistic to think a user will scroll through those pages to find elements that they don't know exist. Is there anything like the click-to-scroll navigation that takes users directly to the signing elements that can be applied here? What's happening is that users click on that, sign the signature elements, and only when they try to continue after the fact does eSignLive tell them they have more required fields and where to go. So every user has the exact same issue. Thanks!
Document Id Unique
Hi There, I am working on creating a package with a document that has an Id assigned to it: .withDocument( newDocumentWithName( "Second Document" ) .fromFile( "src/main/Resources/document.pdf" ) .withId( documentId ) I was wondering if this Id needs to be globally unique among all packages? Or does it have to be unique only for that package? I want to use this Id to download the signed file later using the following function: byte[] pdfDocumentBytes = eslClient.downloadDocument(packageId, documentId);
ceremony customisation
Is it possible to have signing ceremony without any logo image and json that provides it looks like?

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