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Create Package From a Template (REST API)


Submitted Aug 26 2016

Example code shows how to create a package from a template.

Create Package




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Create and Send a Package in Ruby (REST API)


Submitted Aug 25 2016

Example code shows how to create and send a package in Ruby.





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eSignLive How To: Retrieving Field Values

For this blog in the eSignLive How To series, I will continue where I left off in the Creating Fields blog. Fields enable the placement of additional data in a document at the time of signing. Fields can be placed … Continued

eSignLive How To: Using Postman To Test eSignLive’s API

Aug 10, 2016 by Haris Haidary
Postman is an HTTP client application designed for testing web services. In other words, it is a tool that is useful for development and testing of RESTful APIs. Postman makes it easy to test, develop and document APIs by allowing … Continued

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eSignLive How To: Making REST Calls To eSignLive’s API In Python

Aug 03, 2016 by Haris Haidary
Python is one of the most popular general-purpose programming languages available. It is used in many application domains, such as: web applications, software development, desktop GUIs, etc. It’s popularity amongst developers is due to three distinct reasons: Readability Libraries Community … Continued

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Find release notes for eSignLive and documentation for eSignLive’s Java/.NET SDKs and REST API.


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Are e-Signatures legally binding, just like a signature on a piece of paper? Find out the answer to this and more legal info behind e-Signatures in our FAQs.

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Upgraded to the new UI -- not seeing anything different in my integration.
I have downloaded the new SDK version 11 and installed it in my application. I have updated my api key to the new one I received when I created a new sandbox account. I have updated my code to call the designer and signing urls. However, when displaying these views, it looks like the old designer and signing views. Am I missing something? Thank you, Colleen
Create package from existing Template
I have seen the post of creating the package from the existing template using .NET SDK. https://developer.esignlive.com/code-share/create-template-use-create-package-net/ Is it possible using REST API too. If yes can you please make a similar tutorial using REST API as well. Thanks, Sumit
Authenticate via Email Address
Is there any way how we can authenticate the signing process using email address rather than the phonenumber. The scenario to be more precise is that after eslClient.SendPackage(packageId); When we get the signingUrl back, we would want to authenticate it via email. I have found the authentication via phone number in one of your forums. But could not find the authentication for the email. Thanks, Sumit
Remove document navigation
Hello, Is there a way to remove the document navigation arrows? See attachment Thanks
Email Notification Requests/Complete to Sign
Through the REST API, make the email notifications configurable much like configuring the signing ceremony layout on a package by package basis. The user experience can be somewhat confusing when one completes a sign ceremony online and then receives an email requesting a signature.
How to send the bulk Fields value to eSignLive via POST method
I have a document that has got like 200 fields. I have made a web page that contains a web form with all those 200 fields. When user submits the form I would want all the fields to be populated in the eSignLive form. Is this possible via eSignLive API without having to post individual field values to eSignLive. I want something like this that could solve by problem document.forms[0].method = "POST"; document.forms[0].action = urlESignLive; document.forms[0].submit(); I don't want something like this where I have type each and every field name in the code . That would take us a lot of time. var jsonPayload = '{ "roles": [ { "id": "Signer1", "type": "SIGNER", "signers": [ { "firstName": "' + fields.firstName + '", "lastName": "' + fields.lastName+ '", "email": "' + fields.emailAddress + '", "id": "Signer1" } ] }, { "id": "Sender1", "type": "SIGNER", "signers": [ { "firstName": "Haris", "lastName": "Haidary", "email": "sender@example.com", "id": "Sender1" } ] } ], "documents": [ { "fields": [ { "value": "' + fields.firstName + '", "name": "first_name" }, { "value": "' + fields.lastName + '", "name": "last_name" }, { "value": "' + fields.address + '", "name": "address" }, { "value": "' + fields.city + '", "name": "city" }, { "value": "' + fields.zip + '", "name": "zip" }, { "value": "' + fields.state + '", "name": "state" }, { "value": "' + fields.country + '", "name": "country" }, { "value": "' + fields.phoneNumber + '", "name": "phone_number" }, { "value": "' + fields.emailAddress + '", "name": "email" }, { "value": "' + fields.company + '", "name": "company" }, { "value": "' + fields.policyNumber + '", "name": "policy_number" } ], "name": "Sample Contract", "id" : "contract", "extract": true } ], "name": "NodeJS Example", "type": "PACKAGE", "status": "SENT" }'; Is it something that we can achieve from eSignLive API. Thanks, Sumit

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