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    I have a client who is wanting to confirm whether the below is supported:

    1. When using the standard eSignLive buttons from a standard Salesforce object such as Contacts, I would like the attachment of the record to automatically appear as an attachment of the package to be sent. Can this occur without having to look it up or are there always more steps to getting the attachment included.

    2. In the said attachment, is there a way to include eSignLive tags to automatically include signature lines, signature dates and so on? I do not want to create a template ahead to use with a custom button per say as the document will be created via Visualforce in order to get the Opportunity products and other line items included. I simply want the user to first create and save the document to the record which will be different every time but can include hidden tags. Then they would select this document attached to the record to send and have the Signature fields already populated.

    3. If we decide not to go the Visualforce route to have the document already set with record field data, does eSignLive allow for merge tags to be placed into a template so that the Salesforce field data can then map to those places?

    Can you please share your inputs on the above?


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