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    One of our customer is currently working on rewriting their functionality for changing a package status to Draft, and they are running into some issues with getting the sdk’s functionality to work.

    Here is the code that he has written so far, as well as the Logging outputs that he has to try and can you please help us to troubleshoot.

    final EslClient eslClient = *I am retrieving the eslClient here with information passed into my method*

    final PackageId packageId = new PackageId(“I-Cd0CvwjGJbNfi6y6fm9SIpigw=”);“Changing Package To Draft for: ” + packageId.getId()); //Output: “Changing Package To Draft for: I-Cd0CvwjGJbNfi6y6fm9SIpigw=”


    final DocumentPackage retrievedPackage = eslClient.getPackage(packageId);“Retrieved Status: ” + retrievedPackage.getStatus()); //Output: “Retrieved Status: SENT”

    final SigningStatus signingStatus = eslClient.getSigningStatus(packageId, null, null);“Signing Status should be DRAFT: ” + signingStatus.getToken()); //Output: “Signing Status should be DRAFT: SIGNING_PENDING”

    Help is appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    For the first glance, your code is fine and the same code and environment(US1 sandbox) works at my side.

    You mentioned that you are rewriting the code, so may I know the SDK version you are currently using? And does the previous code work well? Does this issue only happen on this package or all SENT packages?

    Can you go to your WebUI dashboard, navigate to your package, and click the “Edit” button to see whether it can change the status to DRAFT?

    Hope this could help!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist
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