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    I see you have a feature that will allow us to set up a bulk sign for a signer. Does this feature work with notary packages?

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    Hi Ryan,

    #1. If you are bulk signing for signer besides Notary, the answer is NO. This is the error message I received when bulk signing for signer with notary:

    Caused by: com.silanis.esl.sdk.internal.RequestException: HTTP POST on URI resulted in response with status code: [400, Bad Request]. Optional details: {"messageKey":"error.validation.notarizedProcess.signingWithoutNotaryPresent","message":"A notarized package cannot be signed without the notary initiating the signature process.","code":400,"name":"Validation Error"}
    	at com.silanis.esl.sdk.internal.RestClient.execute(
    	at com.silanis.esl.sdk.service.SigningService.signDocuments(
    	... 2 more

    And the error message here explained the reason: A notarized package cannot be signed without the notary initiating the signature process

    #2. But if you are bulk signing for your notary after all other signers have completed their signatures. In this case, bulk sign works for notary. You just need to follow the three steps in guidance to achieve this. But as always, when you do bulk signing, audit trail will show that it’s your application that signed on behalf of your signer. So please speak to your legal department to clarify if this workflow is okay with you.

    Hope this could help!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist
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