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    So far, the process is this. The notary signs into the transaction and then switches to the borrower that will be signing. The borrower will then click the okay button a few times to authenticate themselves and start signing. Then another switch happens when another signer, if required, is present.

    Is there a way to add more authentication like SMS to this process?

    The notary signs into the transaction. They then select the first signer who has SMS. The borrower is then forced to enter an SMS passcode before being able to switch and authorize with the site.

    Is this possible?

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    Hi Ryan,

    Unfortunately, SMS/Q&A authentication doesn’t work with notarization/in-person signing. The reason for this being I think is that if a signer accesses through email, it is assumed that he/she is remote. Therefore, authentication is enabled, however, in face to face case, it doesn’t.

    It is currently on our roadmap to add SMS/Q&A authentication with in-person but there is no confirmed date yet. I can fill in an Enhancement Request on your behalf to extend the same feature request to the notarization scenario, and I will post back here once this feature has been added.


    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist

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