2. Check Transaction Status and Download Documents

Following up on the creating and sending a transaction quick start guide, this guide will cover some things you can do after sending the transaction, such as: checking the transaction/signing status, downloading the e-signed documents, and downloading the evidence summary.

Now that you have sent your transaction, this guide will cover what happens after sending your transaction:

  • the transaction signing process
  • downloading the signed documents
  • viewing the evidence summary
  • archiving the completed transaction

This guide follows up on the Creating and Sending a Transaction with the Web UI. In the inbox of your OneSpan Sign account, you will see the transaction you created:


Signing your Documents

As you can see, the status of your transaction is “In Progress”. This is expected since nothing has been signed. This segment of the guide will cover the signing ceremony.

Signer’s Experience

Your signer will have received an email that they have a document to sign. The signer can sign their document from wherever they have access to this email. For this example, the signer received an email notification on their mobile phone:


Click into the email to see the full email text:


Your signer will see an option to “Go to Documents”. When they click on this option, they will be forwarded to OneSpan Sign. First, they will get the “Electronic Disclosures and Signature Consent” agreement that was mentioned in the previous guide:


Once this is accepted, they will move on to the documents that require their signature. As you can see in the image below, their signature box has a click to sign link on it and the signer’s signature is unsigned.


Once they tap to sign, they will be prompted to confirm that they intended to sign the document. This helps prevent accidental signatures. When the signer accepts that and has completed signing all of their documents, they will be informed that they will receive an email once all signers have signed the document.


What you see

After your signer has signed the document, you will see that the status of your transaction has been updated to “Completed”:


Downloading the Documents

At this point, your signer will now be notified via email that their documents are available for download. Now, if you preview the document, you will see your signer’s signature.


If you close the preview window, you can also download the entire transaction by clicking “Download” in your transaction view.


This will download a zip file containing all of the documents of the transaction.

Viewing/Downloading the Evidence Summary

You will also see, in the above image, a link to the “Evidence Summary”. If you click this link, your browser may ask if you would like to view or save the file. Either way you choose, once you open the file, you will see all sorts of info about the transaction, including documents, sender, signers, and an audit trail of all the activity from the transaction after it was sent. You will find below a sample Evidence Summary.


Archiving/Deleting a Transaction

If you look at the image above where you chose to download your transaction, you will see options for trashing and archiving your transaction. If you click on one of these, you will be prompted to confirm your choice. Once archived, you can still view your transaction and also have the ability to unarchive it. If you trash your transaction, you can restore it from the trash or choose to delete it permanently.