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    The post below refers to some terms that I need some clarification

    Archiving Package with diferent Sigantures Types throws SDK EslException

    Post by harris on DECEMBER 19, 2016 AT 10:07 AM says

    you can’t set an acceptance signature and a click-to-sign/capture signature on the same document.

    What is an acceptance signature ?
    Is there an article online explaining the signatures?

    The post also refers to – “hidden” signature,

    Why would I need a hidden signature.
    How do I create a hidden signature using REST


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    Hi Mario,

    According to this previous post, there are two concepts “Setting the document as Accept Only” (guidance here) vs “document with signatures” (signature types article)

    As you know, once a document already contains signature fields, setting the document as Accept Only will remove all the signatures and data fields that it currently contains. (which means them two can’t be applied in a document at the same time and this is what harris means)

    Comes to the code, when building a signature(fullname/initials/etc. ), you can use:

    Signature signature = SignatureBuilder.signatureFor/captureFor/initialsFor/mobileCaptureFor("")
      .atPosition(100, 100)
      .withSize(400, 200)

    Here, if you want to “Setting the document as Accept Only”, you’d use SignatureBuilder.acceptanceFor("") function.
    And when developing, please make sure acceptance signature styles and other signature styles are not used together in one document.

    As per the “hidden” signature with size of (0,0), it’s a workaround for the scenario when you want partial of your signer have signatures while others only need to accept the document.(maybe they don’t want these signer’s signature/initials on the document) So what will happen to these signers during their signing ceremony is, they can only see the click-to-sign box on the document and after confirm the approval, it won’t show up as the size is 0. If you programmatically call functions to sign for your signer, the result looks like what we described. But still, this is not a recommended workflow OneSpan Sign suggest to use.

    Hope this could help you!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist
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