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    we have developped a platform that make it easy to integrate digital signature solution with differents internal application in a company.
    a customer is interested and thus we need to deploy our platform in their Azure web application.
    my idea was that is to request a sandbox + prod environment for each customer; this will make it easy in case there some customization.
    do you think this is the best way?
    the other solution could be:
    * use our sandbox environment
    * request a new account with customer email into our sandbox
    * for the production environment we use a specific environment for the customer.
    with this solution does it mean that we will not be able to put custom logo and colors for the customer when they arrive into the page to sign a document?

    as a result:
    either each customer will have a prod and a sandbox or each customer will have only a prod and they will use our sandbox.

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    Hi Jamel,

    In short, my suggestion would be having separate accounts for both Sandbox and Production environments.
    If only talk about Signing Ceremony Customization, it’s possible to add your customer’s email under your Sandbox main account, cause almost all settings(logo, layout, handover link, etc) can be set in package level which allows your different senders/customers to have different signing experience. But if your existing implementation replies on Account level Setting, it would add extra work for you to adjust your code using package level setting.

    And there could be some other unexpected defects if you do so, depending on how much OneSpan Sign capabilities your platform has been integrated with. There’re many options that can only be set in account level and be shared by all senders, such as Email Notification customization, and even Callback Event Notification settings!

    Overall, it’s easier and more flexible to create another account, migrate all account level settings through our support team ( and adjust account level signing ceremony to your customer’s logo. But as I mentioned above, if your integration scope was limited and just for a test purpose, it’s also possible to add the account under your main account.

    Hope this could help!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist

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