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    Hey team,

    We are using Text Anchor feature to extract fields. But there was one field that doesn’t get the right position and show up at left-top corner of the page.
    Our .NET SDK version is 11.0, during package creation, we didn’t receive any error.

    Please advise,

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    Hi Oliver,

    Can you share your PDF(without sensitive information) and text anchors you are using? In SDK, If the text anchor doesn’t match the text on PDF, the field will show up at left-top corner on page 0 which looks like what you are encountering with. (This is because fields will have a default position of (0,0) on page 0, if doc engine doesn’t find any matched text anchor, this default position takes effect to prevent from other potential errors)

    Hope this could help!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist

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