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    I am trying to set up REST API integration for one of my clients.

    I’ve gotten as far as:

    1) Create The Package
    2) Add a Document
    3) Create a Signer (Role)
    4) Add the Signer

    I am now trying to send the document to the Signer.

    How does one do this? The Rest API that I have seen seems to make no mention of sending a document.


    Ken Moorhead

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    Hey Ken,

    The best way to utilize the API is to do all of the above in a single call. Are you doing it this way or are you doing each piece in a separate call?

    As for Sending a transaction to be signed, all you need to do is update the package to have a status of “SENT” and it’s automatically sent.

    So, perform a PUT call to:{packageId}

    with a payload of:

       "status": "SENT"

    Hope this helps.

    – Michael
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