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    Can we upload a signature for the sender via API? And use it for future use. So that the sender won’t have to do manual signing everytime

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    Hi eljie,

    If you’re talking about signature capture, yes, OneSpan Sign do have the capability of allowing senders to pre-signature and what the sender need to do during signing ceremony is just click on the handwritten signature box and the pre-captured signature would be injected into the screen.

    You can set your signature by WEB UI:
    Log onto the sender’s account –> Click the pulldown list next to your name on the top bar –> Select “My Account” and click “Signature” section –> Input your signature

    Or you can use this Import Tool to upload signature into sender’s account from an image format like *.png.

    Hope you find this reply helpful!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist

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