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    Good morning,

    We would like to discuss how to go about adding esign to our business website. The best way to explain what we would like is to have you go to our website page for feedback ( This is the format in which we are creating a consumer credit application. Is there a way to have potential clients esign on a page like this once the required information/fields are filled out?

    In addition, once it is esigned (if possible) is there an electronic way to have that application go directly to a specific email?

    I will need help getting this set up if all is possible.

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    Hi there,

    Welcome to OneSpan Sign! And yes, with OSS, you can have the capability to achieve your goal!
    To get a full image of what you can achieve with us, you can have a quick try on our demo website where you can find three loan examples.

    Generally, these examples follows this workflow:
    1. you collect customer’s information at your website page.
    2. call SDK/API functions to create a transaction and to generate a signing url, then you can embed this url into an iFrame at your website
    3. your potential clients can esign this application with all information injected.
    4. once client completed the package, your account email will receive an email notification informing you that the package is completed and available to download. (and there’re many other ways to do that)

    If you have any questions about the workflow, please feel free to discuss with us. And hope this could help you!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist

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