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    I am creating a transaction with REST API . and i offer the ability to the user to use the designer in order to add signors and signatures. However, when the user tries to add recipient, the signing order attribute is set to ON automatically. Can that be disabled all the time ??

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    Hi Oualid,

    Recipients added through designer will be automatically with an “index” attribute. And as long as any signer has an “index” attribute, this transaction will be considered as “signing order ON”. So I believe that behavior is what you don’t want.

    But currently, this behavior can’t be modified directly. So workarounds I can suggest is:
    1. you don’t give your user the capability to add recipients through designer and done this by your front-end before designer
    2. or either you don’t allow your user to send transaction through designer, and when they finish the designer, your page takes control of the workflow and send the pacakge by your application

    And at the same time, you can fill in an Enhancement Requirement for this functionality for yourself by contacting our support team at

    Hope this could help you!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist

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