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    Hi Team,
    Please below scenario

    I have application where i need to fill data in ui fields . At the end of application submission where user should sign pdf
    For that he needs to click send esign button, after that esign pakages were load inside the application where user should read and 3 time sign by him self then he should click submit button
    Now aplication get completes.

    On this particular part how i can call api service to complete the signin processes

    Im doimg automation testing using selenium java , im facing issue where i cant proceed in esign part
    I planned to call this signature part as service call to complete the process

    Kindly guide me to complete this.
    Expecting your reply..

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    Hey Karthik,

    Is the document that’s being signed a standard document where only the data in the fields changes? Or is it a unique document for each case?

    If it’s a unique document each time, you could use one of our extraction methods to place the fields dynamically in the document:

    Text Tags
    Document Extraction (PDF Form Fields)

    If it’s a standard document that won’t change except the user entered info and signatures, you could use one of the above extraction methods or you could much more easily just use XY coordinates as you’ll find in the Quick Start Guide or you could create a Template in the UI (or via the API) and simply use that as the basis for the transaction, each time.

    If you’re using forms in the application to pre-fill the document, you’ll need to update the field values before sending the transaction. With the XY coordinate method, you can pass the values through the payload. With the Text Tag method, you could potentially modify the document tags to add the entered values to be extracted by eSignLive. Otherwise, you’ll need to do update document calls to update the field values before you send the transaction. If you’ll use eSignLIve’s signing ceremony to collect the information, you won’t need to worry about any of this part.

    To embed the signing ceremony in your website, you’ll simply need to get a signerAuthenticationToken after sending the transaction and make the src of your iframe:{token}

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions.

    – Michael
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