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    I am trying to find my API Key that is mentioned in the following step by step guide.

    Creating and Sending a Package

    The first few lines define your connection information for eSignLive.
    public static final String API_KEY = “”;
    public static final String API_URL = “”;

    To retrieve your API key, log in to your eSignLive account and click on “ACCOUNT” from the top menu. Your API key is listed there. By default, the value is hidden. Select “Unlock” to show the value. Now, replace with your API key value

    I have tried accessing my Account/Profile for both a login and login and cannot see any API Key.

    Can someone advise where I should be looking?

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    To retrieve you API key, login to your sandbox account and click on your name on the top right-hand side. Then, select Admin and then Integration. Click on the eye icon on the right to show your API key.

    The instructions in the guide are for our classic sender user interface. I will update the guide to reflect our new sender ui. Thanks bringing this to our attention 🙂

    Haris Haidary
    OneSpan Technical Consultant

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