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    During our testing of the new Version 11 enviornment we’ve Identified some enhancement requests that we would like to put out on the table. I’ve listed them in the priority of nice to have first.

    STATUS VIEW OF TRANSACTION – This specifically deals with the ability to view the status of where the signers are at in the transaction. In version 10 this existed and you were able to tell exactly where the signer was at in the signing process, if they had one or two more signers left ect. In version 11 this view doesn’t seem to exist and when we have a hundred or more transactions going out it makes them impossible to manage at a glance to see where signers are at. This view was especially helpful with troubleshooting transactions. For this enhancement request I’ve pasted a use case from an employee who uses this status view functionality heavily.

    If we go live with the way the version 11 displays the packets, we will have some member service busts, that I wanted to document. All of these will result in either longer waits for the member, frustrated members on the phone \ at branches or additional eSign packets being sent.
    1. Member support- Today members will call in with issues or questions about the either the document they are on or the bar at the top. Today we can identify where they are in the process and answer their questions. With version 11, we will not have that visibility and if the member can’t adequately describe where they are in the process we will not be able to assist them.
    2. Document Follow Up – Today we look at each expired packet and determine if a member has started the signing process. In many cases we have either:
    A. Member has partially signed but didn’t complete all the documents. This most commonly happens when they hit a document in the signing process that they do not need to sign. They think they are complete but still have documents later in the packet that need signed. We reach out to these members and guide them through completing so that we can open their account or fund their loan.
    B. Packet has two signers, one signer has signed and the other has not. We reach out to these members to make sure they know that the process isn’t complete. Without this follow up, many of these members believe the process has been complete so they would try to access an account they are not on, or think they have been removed from an account (divorce situations) and they have not. We will not be able to see this with version 11 and won’t be able to reach out to these members to let them know.
    3. Employee Error – Today we look through the packets for employee errors and let them know that they still need to complete a part of the process before the member will receive an email. This commonly occurs when they don’t change a layout to be a group sign off instead of their name. We will no longer be able to find these and correct them before a member calls in and complains. If a member does call in, we will not know why they didn’t get the packet either. Today we can easily identify whether it is the issue described above or an email issue that we need to work with our IT folks with. We will not have any way of knowing in version 11 and will just have to ask the employee to send a new packet and see if the member gets it.

    POP UP MESSAGE WHEN TRYING TO APPLY MULTIPLE LAYOUTS – It would be great to have pop up message to present if an sender tries to apply a layout over document that already has one applied. What we’re experiencing with this is that senders will accidentally apply the same layout twice and then send out the transaction to the member for signing but the member is unable to finish signing the document because the second layout is underneath the layout that was already signed. When this occurs we have to trash the transaction and resend it to the member. If there was a message box that could pop warning the sender that you’re about to apply a second layout to this document would greatly reduce this from occurring. This request also ties into our first request as in the status view was used to tell if there were more signatures required on the document than that particular document would normally require.

    OPTION TO HAVE SHARED LAYOUT BUTTON DEFAULT TO ON – Today we have a separate eSign sender account that is used specifically to create shared layouts for documents and then these shared layouts are used by our senders. It would be great to have the option when applying layouts to have the show shared layouts button automatically checked. I provide a screenshot below.

    DEFAULT VIEW FOR DOCUMENT TO BE LIST VIEW VS GRID – Having the ability to default to this view provides a more seamless flow of managing the documents within the transaction thus saving time. Screenshot provided below.

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    Thanks for the post, randym. I’ll make sure product management and the owner of your account sees this post. 🙂

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    Is it possible to turn on the document visibility on package level not account level?


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