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    Hi ,

    I have created package and adding document from Salesforce. The document is in Spanish language.
    But i am getting below error:
    Line: 683, Column: 1
    ESignLiveRESTAPIHelper.ESignLiveRestAPIHelperException: Error creating eSignLive package with documents: 400 – Bad Request – {“messageKey”:”error.validation.verifyDocument.documentExtractError”,”message”:”[error.validation.verifyDocument.documentExtractError]”,”code”:400,”name”:”Validation Error”}

    I am trying to attach Manifest_SD-157095.pdf from salesforce. PFA document in this post. I want to add Signature in one of the field in the document.For Ex: here i am trying to add where TEL. or CARGO is mentioned.

    If i use pdf which is in language it is working fine. But for other language it is not working.

    I have attached my code as well.
    Please can you help me to resolve this issue.


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    Hey Aparna,

    The issue here is not the document. It’s that neither the text TEL nor CARGO do not exist in the document as text. They are part of the image. If you used the text “Guadalupe” which is actual text in the document, it works just fine. Whatever PDF creator you’re using is creating the document as a large image instead of actual text.

    On another note, is the information in this document real info or is it just dummy/fake info? If real info, we need to remove the document from the site.

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    Thank you. Yes this is a real document. Please remove it.

    I have one more question. We have to pass Protected (locked ) document to e-Signlive for auto-sign document. When i am passing locked pdf document i am getting an error. If i am passing unlocked document everything is working fine. We are using apex sdk.

    Please can ypu tell me how to send locked pdf document.


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