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    Is it possible to access the address for a signer like we would for a Signer Title or Signer Company? I know there are two fields available for the address. Just looking to see if I can get the data back from them.

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    Hi Ryan,

    Here’s a complete sample JSON for a role:

        "id": "d68f99ea-e157-4213-beeb-bc44ba5956f6",
        "data": null,                                                                              //placeholder
        "specialTypes": [],
        "locked": false,
        "reassign": false,
        "emailMessage": {
            "content": ""
        "attachmentRequirements": [],
        "index": 0,
        "type": "SIGNER",
        "signers": [
                "group": null,
                "language": "en",
                "signature": null,
                "address": null,                                                                   //placeholder
                "created": "2019-03-01T20:00:32Z",
                "id": "c9c2e717-fe3f-49a2-94a5-10676b9f8d4a",
                "title": "",                                                                              //available
                "data": null,                                                                         //placeholder
                "phone": "",                                                                          //placeholder
                "firstName": "1",
                "lastName": "1",
                "email": "",
                "userCustomFields": [],
                "company": "Onespan",                                                    //available
                "external": null,
                "professionalIdentityFields": [],
                "updated": "2019-03-01T20:00:32Z",
                "auth": {
                    "scheme": "NONE",
                    "challenges": []
                "knowledgeBasedAuthentication": null,
                "delivery": {
                    "provider": false,
                    "email": false,
                    "download": false
                "signerType": "ACCOUNT_SENDER",
                "name": "",
                "timezoneId": "",
                "specialTypes": []
        "name": "Signer1"

    As I marked above, all these “address” or “phone” attributes are currently a placeholder that won’t be interpreted by OneSpan Sign. And role/signer level “data” is also not available. (only package level attribute and document level attribute are available)

    The role/signer fields used to carry signer personal information were “title” and “company”, you can utilize them two. Or you can put signer information in a JSON node under the document level attribute.

    Hope this could help!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist
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