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    We are Generating the documents from another vendor WK(Wolters Kluwer) and passing it to onespan Esign.But we are facing issue while mapping the X/Y coordinates.
    Because top/left fields of e-sign are calculated from top left of the page and Wolters Kluwer works like x/y coordinates start at the bottom/left.

    Please share the field name of Esign through which we can map the x/y coordinate or bottom/left coordinate of Wolters Kluwer(Wk) with Esign.

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    Hi Arjun,

    The only way OneSpan Sign calculates X/Y coordinates is from left-top corner, so there’s no direct way/field to adjust to left-bottom, but you can calculate the pixels yourself according to your PDF page size and how you passed location to Wolters Kluwer.

    Above diagram indicates you how OSS calculates location.
    The X/Y coordinates identified the left-top corner of your field, which starts from left-top corner of the page.

    And regarding to page size, a normal 8.5inch * 11inch PDF will be rendered as 796px*1030px in OneSpan Sign, so please also take this into consideration when you converted the locations.

    Hope this could help!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist

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