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    Hello everyone,

    My end goal is to send an e-SignLive Package automatically when a certain custom object is created.

    I was wondering if it was possible to link the custom object to the e-SignLive Package (the same way as when using a button or Visualforce page with ParentId) through an Apex Trigger. I can’t find any way to do so in the documentation provided — it can create the Package and send it no problem, but it would be stored outside Salesforce.

    And trying to replicate the custom button’s actions through HTTP requests in Apex seems impossible as they are GET requests that include scripts that must execute, without mentioning possible issues with oauth.

    Any way to accomplish this?

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    Hey vacster,

    There currently is not a supported method of creating a transaction in the connector from APEX. You would have to manage the transaction in your application, as well, if you choose to go the APEX route. I would also suggest that you contact support ( and submit an enhancement request for this functionality built into the connector.

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