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    Our scenario:
    Package is created, signed and completed at our premises.
    We then allow the signer 5 days to go home and download the package.

    However, we want to block the download if the signer takes longer than a certain number of days. (They would have to come back in and restart the process)
    Is this possible?

    We looked at expired state, but it seems that completed packages cannot be set to expired.
    We don’t want to archive a package if we lose the data.

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    Hi Jin,

    According to the scenario you described, the best place to hold your completed packages is the Archive folder.
    You won’t lose any data if the package is in Archive folder, it’s just a “ARCHIVED” status of a package. So all the metadata and documents will be stored the same as other status. And it prevents your users from getting access to the package including the downloading documents.

    Hope this could help you!

    Duo Liang
    OneSpan Junior Technical Evangelist

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