This tool is encapsulated as an Executive Jar, so you need to install the JRE/JDK environment in order to run the Jar.


Before you start:

To be able to completely copy your accounts, please make sure your account level settings are the same. You can contact our support team at to have these settled.


Support Functions:

1. Support both credentials: API KEY and Username/Password;

2. Allow copy account within the same Instance, you can invite new emails and map them to senders in source account (if the new sender wasn't specified, all templates/layouts will be created by new owner);

3. Easily check the account's Sender Limitation by clicking on the owner email;

4. Enable uploading original documents instead of downloading documents with watermark if source environment was sandbox. (you need to collect all original documents in one folder with the same names as in templates);

5. Allow choosing partial templates/layouts to copy.


Please make a post on Developer Community ( if the tool doesn't work properly or you have any suggestions on this tool!


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