In order to run this tool, you will need the following:

1. API key of both accounts (i.e. source and destination account)

2. Environment URL of both accounts (e.g.

Note: If you are planning to mirror accounts, the source and destination accounts cannot be on the same environment. This restriction comes due to the fact that you cannot have senders under two different accounts in the same environment. In addition, if you are planning to mirror an account on a different account, the source and destination accounts must be registered under the same email address.

It also advised to run this tool with Fiddler ( to monitor the requests going to eSignLive.

In the case where you only want to move templates or layouts, you will need to provide a csv file with the sender ids associated with the templates. Included in the zip file is a sample CSV file. If you don't know how to retrieve the sender ids, you can follow this guide:

If you have any issues with this tool, please send an email to

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